Hej hej,

I have been thinking about this “blog” for such a long time (I just checked 5 years exactly). And now I will just start publishing my stuff here. If you like it great – if you think it’s boring – well that’s fine with me too :-).

Crafting/DIY is my passion – I can get my head free and be in the moment, zoom in and totally forget time and everything around me. It’s not work, but essential for me to be happy. Crafting is for me what other people find in sports or mediation. Unfortunately my way doesn’t make me fitter 😛

I have two gorgeous kids, a loving husband and a wonderful flat, which all offer enough potential to find creative decoration, practical solutions or whatever. I don’t like doing the same thing over and over again, which is why I won’t be able to make money with my creations.

This shall be a way for others to get inspired or if you really like it – copy it :-). But if you decide to do it – try to let your creativity take the lead, enjoy the process and be proud of the outcome, even when it does look completely different than expected.

In two words: have fun.