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Love threads. This is an easy one, which impresses without being too much work actually. You’ll need:

  • a cork plate
  • nails (choose pretty ones)
  • thread (any colour you like)
  • hammer
  1. Choose a shape, you’d like to create. Hammer the nails into the cork plate. All in the same distance to each other.
  2. Tie the thread around the first nail and pull the thread over to the next nail. Go around each nail head, back and forth, as many times as you like. If you like thicker “lines” you’ll have to go over the same two nails more often.
  3. Once you finished it – you can tie another knot. Make sure it’s tight, otherwise all work was for nothing.

That’s it. Piece is done and looks nice.

I hope you liked it.



Hello there,

I moved back from London with no furniture at all. After buying a new bed, washing machine, closet, sofa bed, dining table and and and…I was broke. But you always want your flat to look nicer and make it more comfortable, right? During some window shopping I saw this amazing piece of furniture. It was an industrial look shelf, which did cost a fortune. I started looking online, but all shelves were 300-500 Euro. Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t want to spend it on one piece only. So I did some research and found this ugly looking shelf – it’s a heavy weight cellar shelf with just the right frame to work with. I’ll show you how to tranform it into something quite nice.

Things you’ll need:

  • cellar shelf with a metal frame
  • shelves (real wood)
  • spray paint – black
  • metal brush
  • wood paint (quite dark, I used “chestnut”)

Photo 25-03-2015 08 31 22

First thing you do is to measure the original chipboards. As soon as you have the measurements go to the next DIY store and find cheap wood boards. Ideally it’s wood with a nice structure – mine were spruce wood. Find someone, who’s got a saw or do get it cut down in the DIY store. Usually they do it for a small fee. Go home and check if the boards fit into the frame. This is how it looks like once you replaced the cheap chipboard with real wood. Already a lot better, right?

Photo 25-03-2015 20 29 59

Now you have to remove the shelves again. Take the frame somewhere outside with the spray paint and don’t forget the metal brush. Use some newspaper to cover the ground. Start spray paint the frame. Try to do a thin uneven layer. As soon as you’ve covered most of the frame in black, get the metal brush and wipe it softly over the paint. It’ll create a scratched surface. Let it all dry, turn the frame around and do the rest. Same procedure. Once the frame is all done you can start to work on the wood. Paint the wood from all sides. Let it dry and put it all together.

FullSizeRender   Photo 27-03-2015 20 59 50

This is it. A unique piece of furniture, which did cost less then 80 Euro and looks just as nice as the ones in the designer store.

Let me know, if you have any questions. Like, share and comment 🙂 Thank youuuuu!!!

Photo 27-03-2015 23 21 30 Shelf


Hello all,

this one is seriously for everyone. Even if you’re telling yourself you’re untalented, which I don’t think is true, this one you can do too. It’s rather a hack than a complete DIY. It’s an easy and cheap way to change the look of your flat. All you need is a Ikea ODDVAR stool and some nice Washi tape. Google it and you’ll find lots of pattern and colours out there. Most of them are delicate, which is why they work best on bright coloured or wooden surfaces.

Things you will need:

  • Tape
  • Stool
  • Cutter
  • Ruler

STEP 1 –  Get the tape you desire and the stool

Take a look at the width and length. Vendors always take pictures super close and create the illusion of the tape being very thick. They are often only 1.5cm though. And you’ll need the stool.

 Photo 03-08-2015 19 25 15  Photo 03-08-2015 19 24 42

STEP 2 – Start taping

Make sure you start neatly to avoid uneven lines. Take the tape (leave some spare tape at the start – 3-4cm)  and try to fix the start and end points first. Hold the tape tight, but don’t stretch it too much. Then carefully tap over the whole tape line with your fingertips to fix it. Do NOT to wipe over it just yet – as you might create some wrinkles. Leave some spare tape at the beginning and the end, before you cut it. Fold these leftovers around the seat. We will get to them later.

If you do have a washi tape with a pattern, like I did, align the next line precisely to match the pattern. And start at the beginning of this section again. Repeat this until you’ve covered the whole seat.

Photo 31-07-2015 22 09 07 (1) (1)    Photo 31-07-2015 22 08 50 (1) (1)

STEP 3 – Turn the stool over and cut off the leftovers

You’ll need the ruler and the cutter now. Choose a line you like to cut. I used the edge of the seat. Put the ruler down and use the cutter to create a straight line. Now you can easily peel off the leftovers and get a neat finish.

Photo 31-07-2015 22 38 26 (1) (1)

STEP 4 – Tape the outstanding sides of the seat

This is probably the most difficult bit. Your seat should be covered with tape now. But there are two sides (the one where you started and the opposite side) of the seat, which are not covered yet. The great thing is – the 1.5cm washi tape has just about the right size to do the job. Use it as before and cut off the leftovers by hand. Press it against the wood and try to get a nice round line.

Photo 01-08-2015 15 07 42 (1)


Once you’re happy with everything, you can start wiping it with a kitchen towel or tissue to keep it clean. Done! I hope you like it! Comment, if you have any questions.

Photo 01-08-2015 15 07 32 (1)


Hello there,

Ok – I have to say I was never crazy about shoes, but then a few years ago during my study I started my part time job in a shoe shop. Well, and that was it. As a sales advisor I got 40% off. That’s a lot, if you think about e.g. nice leather boots. I worked there for about 2 years and basically returned all my pay to the company. The result – plenty of shoes and the problem of storing them without forgetting them.

If you do some research you’ll find transparent shoe boxes. They are nice, but quite expensive, especially, when we are talking about 45+ pairs. And actually I find them make it look messy, since you can see all different shapes & colours.

I solved it like this:

  1. Measure your biggest/highest pair and find boxes, which fit them.
  2. Amazon and independent stores ( sell flat packed shoe boxes.
  3. Take a picture of each shoe and get them printed. Try to take similar pictures to make it neat and tidy.
  4. Put them all on the boxes.

And now put your shoes in the boxes. Depending on your pictures and boxes it will look sort of like this 🙂 And I am not done yet.

Thanks for reading! Like, share, follow. xx

Photo 08-07-2015 21 41 00




Hi there,

You are thinking about how to paint your wall, but are not 100% convinced if this permanent option is a good choice? Well at least that’s what I was afraid of. I was thinking about painting it, but that is first of all a lot more effort, a bigger mess and way more difficult to remove. So how about testing it first with tape. All you need is a pattern you like and some washi/masking tape. For a better imagination I took a picture of that particular wall. Since my laptop is broken I used simple PowerPoint to create a template. I wanted some geometric forms. This is how it looked like.

IMG_6377  Photo 21-07-2015 22 12 24

Now I had an idea of what I was aiming for. I bought a bit of nice tape: yellow, grey, turquois and pink. I started with the big grey triangles to get a feeling for the height and width of the whole thing. You should decide, which ones you like to be in the front (do them at the end) and which ones shall be more in the back (do them first). Keep a bit of an overlap, which you cut off later with a cutter and a pair of tweezers. Try not to touch the sticky ends with you fingers – it has to stay clean and sticky.

Photo 25-07-2015 12 00 00

Well, I cut off all the rest – I took a clean kitchen towel and wiped over all lines to assure that they stick properly to the wall. And that was it already.

FullSizeRender   FullSizeRender-1