Hello there,

well it’s so easy, I will just copy this text for every version of money folding….This is what you’ll need:

  • MONEY 🙂 ideally lots of small notes and a few bigger ones..
  • a nice frame
  • a piece of paper as a template
  • paperclips
  • background paper /card board
  1. Cut out a template of whatever shape you’d like to create. I used a heart, letter or a greek god (eros 🙂
  2. Start folding the money. Just fold it in any shape you like, always staying within the borders of your template. If you fold it back and forth, you can keep nice patters or show the numbers on the note.
  3. Fix the folded note using the paperclip.
  4. Leave your template on the background paper.
  5. Once you’ve filled up your template with money – the tricky part starts. You will have to place it on the glass of your frame without destroying the shape. I always place the glass onto the money and then flip it around. Now the money faces the glass and you can see your template. Gently remove the paperclips.
  6. Close the frame and wish yourself luck 🙂

Hope you liked it 🙂


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