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all my friends are getting pregnant at the moment. That means one baby shower after another and all sorts of gifts needed. I did see these diaper cakes and ready made baby shower gifts, but since my friend didn’t want to know the gender none of them was appropriate (because they are either pink or blue)…so I made one myself using gender neutral colors. (One a side note: I don’t believe in something like gender-neutral colors and every boy and girl should be able to wear pink or blue, if they like it…but somehow when you look at baby clothes it’s all very classic and old-fashioned).

This is what you need:

  • diapers (usually size 1 for a newborn – I bought: Pampers)
  • ribbon
  • card board (green & yellow)
  • balloon, lampion (you can find them on Amazon or Ikea)
  • glue
  • 4 wooden sticks
  1. Roll up three diapers, put a ribbon around them and knot them together. Repeat 🙂

2. Cut out a long rectangle out of your card board (mine was yellow and green). Make sure it’s a little higher than the diapers, because this will be your little basket. Create a ring and fill it with diapers. then tie a ribbon around it. After that you place diapers around the card board (outer ring) and tie one or two ribbons around to fix it.

3. Cut out a funnel, where you place the balloon in. And glue it together with the 4 wooden sticks. Then stick them into the rolled up diapers. You can also place the wooden sticks into the diapers first and glue them afterwards onto the balloon.

4.  Decorate the whole thing with little bows and hearts. I used the ribbon and some greek paper (cause my friends husband is from Greece).

And finally…Place your gifts in the little basket. Go to the party and have fun 🙂 And in case you need ideas for some baby shower games – keep on reading. If not..I hope you’ll let me know, how your baby-hot-air-balloon looked like. xx



  • Fun and “delicious”: Blindfold the mom to be and let her try some baby food. From carrot, salmon with spinach and mashed pasta…she will have to guess what she’s eating 🙂
  • Gross and weird: Prepare 10 diapers…put different types of chocolate in them and iron them a little…yes it’ll look like poo and smell like chocolate. Then everyone has to smell and guess. It’s ridiculously funny. You can use: Mint chocolate (after eight), dark chocolate, hazelnut, milk chocolate and and…get creative.
  • Creative: buy plain white baby bodies and textile paint..everyone can then design a little outfit for the new coming baby.


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