Hello there,

this one is just a packaging for a voucher for a wedding. I had to come up with something more special than an envelope.

You’ll need:

  • Polystyrol Bauble/ball, transparent (I bought it here)
  • table tennis ball
  • gold spray paint or gold permanent marker
  • card board letters (I had these ones here)
  • small dried flower
  • hot glue gun
  • 2 gold rings (anything that looks like a ring, take a look in a DIY shop – somewhere close to the screws)
  • gold wire (optional)
  • washi tape
  • small self made voucher

Part 1 – Flower/Bowl/Ring/Heart-Arrangement

  1. Cut the ping pong ball in half. A kitchen knife will do.
  2. Paint that half gold -outside and inside. Spray paint is quicker, but you can also use a sharpie. Wait for it to dry.
  3. Take the rings and the dried flower and arrange them in your small golden bowl and fix them with the hot glue gun.
  4. Create a heart out of the wire and stick it onto the arrangement.
  5. Take the hot glue gun and glue it on the bottom of one of the halves of your bauble.
  6. Roll the voucher (tape it with the washi tape, so it stays rolled up) and either place it in the heart or between the flowers.

Part 2 – Garland

  1. Take a bit of the wire and create the small garland. Measure the length of your transparent bauble and cut the wire.
  2. Cut a bit of tape off and place the wire in the middle of that piece. Fold the tape around the wire (so the sticky sides stick on to each other). Repeat until you’ve covered the whole wire.
  3. Then cut all the bits on one length. They should now look like a garland with lots of squares.
  4. Cut each square to a triangle.
  5. Take the hot glue gun and stick it on the other half of your transparent bauble.

Part 3 – Letters

  1. Color them with any color you like. I used white, because it matched the tape.
  2. Take the hot glue gun and glue them on the same half, where you glued the garland on.

Now close the bauble and choose a nice ribbon to place it within a bunch of flowers. DONE 🙂

Did it work for you? Like it? Let me know.




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