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this one is seriously for everyone. Even if you’re telling yourself you’re untalented, which I don’t think is true, this one you can do too. It’s rather a hack than a complete DIY. It’s an easy and cheap way to change the look of your flat. All you need is a Ikea ODDVAR stool and some nice Washi tape. Google it and you’ll find lots of pattern and colours out there. Most of them are delicate, which is why they work best on bright coloured or wooden surfaces.

Things you will need:

  • Tape
  • Stool
  • Cutter
  • Ruler

STEP 1 –  Get the tape you desire and the stool

Take a look at the width and length. Vendors always take pictures super close and create the illusion of the tape being very thick. They are often only 1.5cm though. And you’ll need the stool.

 Photo 03-08-2015 19 25 15  Photo 03-08-2015 19 24 42

STEP 2 – Start taping

Make sure you start neatly to avoid uneven lines. Take the tape (leave some spare tape at the start – 3-4cm)  and try to fix the start and end points first. Hold the tape tight, but don’t stretch it too much. Then carefully tap over the whole tape line with your fingertips to fix it. Do NOT to wipe over it just yet – as you might create some wrinkles. Leave some spare tape at the beginning and the end, before you cut it. Fold these leftovers around the seat. We will get to them later.

If you do have a washi tape with a pattern, like I did, align the next line precisely to match the pattern. And start at the beginning of this section again. Repeat this until you’ve covered the whole seat.

Photo 31-07-2015 22 09 07 (1) (1)    Photo 31-07-2015 22 08 50 (1) (1)

STEP 3 – Turn the stool over and cut off the leftovers

You’ll need the ruler and the cutter now. Choose a line you like to cut. I used the edge of the seat. Put the ruler down and use the cutter to create a straight line. Now you can easily peel off the leftovers and get a neat finish.

Photo 31-07-2015 22 38 26 (1) (1)

STEP 4 – Tape the outstanding sides of the seat

This is probably the most difficult bit. Your seat should be covered with tape now. But there are two sides (the one where you started and the opposite side) of the seat, which are not covered yet. The great thing is – the 1.5cm washi tape has just about the right size to do the job. Use it as before and cut off the leftovers by hand. Press it against the wood and try to get a nice round line.

Photo 01-08-2015 15 07 42 (1)


Once you’re happy with everything, you can start wiping it with a kitchen towel or tissue to keep it clean. Done! I hope you like it! Comment, if you have any questions.

Photo 01-08-2015 15 07 32 (1)

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