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my little girl turned 1 year old!! I cannot believe how fast time flies…I remember her not being able to hold her head and now she’s one. We didn’t get her many gifts, because she’s got plenty of stuff already…but since I love decorating, she got one anyway. This is what you need:

  • packaging paper / plain brown (it’s the cheap one from the post office or amazon 🙂
  • colorful (neon) washi tape (I bought it here)
  • 3 balloons (matching the tape color)
  • gift wrap paper with a pattern
  • glue stick
  • normal transparent tape
  • gift ribbon

1. You wrap the gift using the plain paper. Make sure you have a bit more paper on one of the open ends. You have to leave one side open to then create the “fan”, which will be the base for the balloons.  Once you’ve done that you create a small “fan” by folding the paper back and forth..I’m talking about one of these (see that “fan” on the top of the box?):

Once you’ve done that you can fix it with normal tape.

2. Now you take the patterned paper and cut out the numbers you’ll need. And stick it on the front using glue.

3. Take a bit of washi tape and decorate around your number…most of the times “less is more” 🙂

4. Blow up the balloons, and tie them all together with some grift ribbon on one end of the ribbon. Now use the other end to stick it through the small whole of your “fan”.  Pull the ribbon through, so it’s all tight and then fix it with tape. Cut off the rest of the ribbon…

5. Place it all nicely on the birthday table and someone will be very happy.

DONE 🙂 Hope that all made sense. Let me know, if it worked and if you liked it.




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