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You are thinking about how to paint your wall, but are not 100% convinced if this permanent option is a good choice? Well at least that’s what I was afraid of. I was thinking about painting it, but that is first of all a lot more effort, a bigger mess and way more difficult to remove. So how about testing it first with tape. All you need is a pattern you like and some washi/masking tape. For a better imagination I took a picture of that particular wall. Since my laptop is broken I used simple PowerPoint to create a template. I wanted some geometric forms. This is how it looked like.

IMG_6377  Photo 21-07-2015 22 12 24

Now I had an idea of what I was aiming for. I bought a bit of nice tape: yellow, grey, turquois and pink. I started with the big grey triangles to get a feeling for the height and width of the whole thing. You should decide, which ones you like to be in the front (do them at the end) and which ones shall be more in the back (do them first). Keep a bit of an overlap, which you cut off later with a cutter and a pair of tweezers. Try not to touch the sticky ends with you fingers – it has to stay clean and sticky.

Photo 25-07-2015 12 00 00

Well, I cut off all the rest – I took a clean kitchen towel and wiped over all lines to assure that they stick properly to the wall. And that was it already.

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